The Resource Confessions of an eco-sinner : tracking down the sources of my stuff, Fred Pearce

Confessions of an eco-sinner : tracking down the sources of my stuff, Fred Pearce

Confessions of an eco-sinner : tracking down the sources of my stuff
Confessions of an eco-sinner
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tracking down the sources of my stuff
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Fred Pearce
From the Publisher: A global journey to find the sources of all the stuff in one man's life-and its social and environmental footprint. Where does everything in our daily lives come from? The clothes on our backs, the computers on our desks, the cabinets in our kitchens, and the spices behind their doors? Under what conditions-environmental and social-are they harvested or manufactured? In Confessions of an Eco-Sinner, Fred Pearce shows us the hidden worlds that sustain a Western lifestyle, and he does it by examining the sources of everything in his own life; as an ordinary citizen of the Western world, he, like all of us, is an "eco-sinner." In conversational and convivial prose, Pearce surveys his home and then starts out on a global tour to track down, among other things, the Kenyans who grow and harvest his fair trade coffee (which isn't as fair as one might hope), the women in the Bangladeshi sweat shops who sew his jeans, and the Chinese factory cities where the world's computers are made. It's a fascinating portrait, by turns sobering and hopeful, of the effects the world's more than 6 billion inhabitants-all eating, consuming, making-have on our planet, and of the working and living conditions of the people who produce most of these goods
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Confessions of an eco-sinner : tracking down the sources of my stuff, Fred Pearce
Confessions of an eco-sinner : tracking down the sources of my stuff, Fred Pearce
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Includes bibliographical references and index
Pt. 1: Introductions -- 1: Footprints: me and my stuff -- 2: Gold: a lodestone for my journey -- Pt. 2: My Food -- 3: Coffee: throwing a hand grenade into the cozy world of fair trade -- 4: Wild things: the last roundup on the high seas and in the hills -- 5: Curried crustaceans: the weird world of Mr Prawn -- 6: Scorched earth: a sticky end with palm oil and sugar -- 7: Unzipped: when the banana lost its seeds and other tales from the orchards -- 8: Montezuma's magic: how Joseph the cocoa farmer became an unlikely green warrior -- 9: Air miles: why eating Kenyan beans is good for the planet -- Pt. 3: My Clothes -- 10: Drought and dirty secrets in the world of king cotton -- 11: Behind the label: bless my cotton socks -- 12: Trouser truths: the unscrupulous world of sweatshops -- 13: White gold: my t-shirt, slave labor, and the death of the Aral Sea -- Pt. 4: Chinese Dragon -- 14: Computing power: mice, motherboards, and the new emperors of Suzhou -- 15: Zhangjiagang: the world capital of rain-forest destruction -- 16: Great mall: toothpicks to placentas, everything must go -- Pt. 5: Mines, Metals, And Power -- 17: My beer can: giant footprints in Bloke Heaven -- 18: Shock and ore: where my metal comes from -- 19: Footprints in the snow: finding the last oil -- 20: My electricity: old king coal lives on at Drax -- Pt. 6: Downstream -- 21: My rubbish: down the river and across the world -- 22: Trade not aid: joining the great global rummage sale -- 23: Beyond the grave: a new life for Joe's old phone -- 24: Unexpected heroes: the queen of trash and other Chinese titans of recycling -- 25: E-waste: what to do with that old computer -- Pt. 7: My Species And Saving The Planet -- 26: Good news from Africa: why we can feed the world -- 27: Beyond the clockwork orange: why we can green our cities -- 28: Zero carbon: why we can halt climate change -- 29: Defusing the bomb: why we can halt population growth-and save the world -- Sources and acknowledgments -- Index
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